Where it all started... by Darius Buckley

On the eve of 1VK1 TV's launch, I wanted to share this blast from the past. In this video I was around 15 years old and fully immersed in my creativity. This is a tour of all the "studios" my Mom allowed me to build in her house. She allowed me to turn her house into the Buckley Entertainment Headquarters. lol The living room was a performing arts theatre and the basement housed my online radio and television studio. These were the good times. No filter, no hesitation, just a kid doing what he loves. Making art. Parents take note. You must be your kid's biggest cheerleader, Bennie Buckley sure was, and look where I ended up. I thank God for everyone that supported me as a kid, and gave me the space to be an artist. Tomorrow, that journey continues... #1VK1TV #SeeingIsBelieving

The Dream Starts Here... by Darius Buckley

“The dream starts here” was my mantra freshman year of college. It was the hashtag of all my artistic posts and became my go to motto. That year was jam-packed with crazy new experiences and it honestly was one of the best years of my life. The greatest achievement I took out of that year was the music I produced and the videos I made. I was only a year in and started creating a positive reputation for myself. I knew that year was only the beginning of my journey as a professional artist, the future held a glorious mystery. I can definitely say that after graduation, the journey was not easy. I had amazing work like The Human Concept, The Fly & Incredibly Dope Adventures of Tyrone Jenkins, and a plethora of albums that gained praised from so many people, even those that didn’t like me. I was on top of the world at CMU and then I came crashing down after college. The connections to people faded, even friends ghosted me. Some of my best buds moved hundreds of miles away and for the first time in 4 years, I felt completely alone. My home life was complicated and I felt like I was at the bottom of a well, stranded and screaming for help, and no one could hear. In that silence and isolation I dreamed. It was the only thing that got me through. Prayers, conversations with my Mom and brothers, and dreaming. I imagined myself on top of the world. Singing to sold out arenas, photography being praised across the globe, making Oscar-winning films, you name it. I endured months of verbal abuse, and mental health scares that drove my body to brink until I finally said, “enough!” I pushed myself and found work that didn’t fit my artistic dreams but persevered so I could move forward. I moved into my own apartment and bought a new camera and I began chasing my dream again, this time, in real life. The feeling of capturing a moment on camera gave me a high no drug could ever create. I invested what little I had in my dream and one day I found full-time work that supported me even more. Where I am now is the perfect position. I am using state of the art tools the way they should be used and creating photography and film work that makes my first Human Concept shoots look like amateur work. I shoot and edit a church service that is seen on television in the south and by over a million people worldwide. This is my moment, and I’m here to say, “you can do it”. To anyone out there dreaming in the dark, the light is coming, don’t give up. A revolution is happening. Make art unapologetically and master your craft. You are the author of your greatest future. Today marks the launch of 1VK1 and that doesn’t mean I am at my peak. I have a long way to go. But if this feeling is just beginning… God, I can’t wait to be at the top. Thank you to my family and friends! Thank you to all my supporters. I promise I won’t let you down. This is gonna be a crazy awesome journey and I know the dream is just around the corner. Let’s make this art ya’ll!

Best Regards,

D. Montel

High School Film Class, circa 2012

High School Film Class, circa 2012